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6-Introduction to Water

The next concept of the second tier of our Training Pyramid Program is the Introduction to Water.  There is no question that adding water to the mix is necessary in many recipes but it must be done correctly.  Work on water is about 5 times harder than work on [...]

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7-Multiple Marks

Now that “Jessie” is an accomplished marker on singles, it is time to move to multiple marks.  Puppy doubles.  Again we go back to an open field and throw bumpers short enough so the pup can see each fall and the mark all the way out.  We don’t want [...]

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8-Preventing Injuries

We have now completed the second level of the Training Pyramid Program.  We have covered the commands and concepts of “Land Marks with Multiple Guns, Introduction to Birds, Introduction to Water, Puppy Hand Thrown Retrieves, Puppy Retrieves from Gun Stations or Remote Throwers, and Introduction to Gunfire and Puppy [...]

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9-Collar Conditioning

We are now up to the third level of our Training Pyramid Program.  Up until now it has been all fun and games but now a little pressure will be added to the mix.  We will start with the introduction to the e-collar.  I was around before the e-collar [...]

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10-Hold and Force Fetching

We are now getting into the nitty gritty of training a retriever.  We will cover the concept of teaching “Hold” and then “Force Fetching”.  In the first phase we teach “Hold”.  Another label we might put on this behavior is “Pressure Conditioning” Phase 1.  Studies have clearly demonstrated that [...]

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11-Sight and Permanent Blinds

We have been through a lot of pressure with “Jessie”.  It’s now time to advance onto some fun and more advanced teaching.  We will begin with “Sight Blinds”.  Sight blinds are just that, you want to make sure the dog knows where to go even though they don’t see [...]

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  1. member January 21, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    John, This looks GREAT!!!! Can’t wait to read more – well done and thank you!

  2. member January 22, 2018 at 2:38 pm

    Thank you Bob for all your hard work to create this website

  3. member March 26, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    Ummm, at our last training day on March 25th, I found a nice pair of gloves in a pocket of my chair. Even though, as I slipped my hands into them, I could feel the smartness that once expelled from them. It was the handling expertise that I could feel. So I’m thinking that the next person that donates for a merchandise sweatshirt, I would pass along the ability to wear them for a day! It’s like a halo, that just hangs over one’s self, while wearing! So if you’re looking for that perfect right or left back. Ummm these gloves might do the trick! Happy Training from your Merchandise coordinator! See you at the Big Grey Dodge, during the next Marin Hunt Test in Corning. Cash, Checks, or credit cards are accepted

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