The Barbara Williams Sportsmanship Award, is given each year to a member of Marin Retriever Club, for there outstanding contribution to the club. The following folks are past recipients, and we hope its you next year:

2024-Could you be our next awarded volunteer!

2023--Yvonne Becker

2022-Ed Ryska

2021-Teresa Russell

2020-Karen Treibel

2019-Bruce Hayes

2018-Chris Hempel

2017-Pat Romeiro

2016-Laura Judd

2015-Frances Harvey

Barbara Williams Sportsmanship Award

The Barbara Williams Sportsmanship Award honors long time member and friend, Barbara Williams who passed away in 2015. She embodied fairness, courtesy, ethics, respect, good temper and a sense of fellowship to others in their sport. She contributed greatly to our Club and our sport and made several projects possible through her philanthropic generosity. The trophy will be awarded to individuals who exemplify the spirit and dedication that Barbara always exhibited for our sport.

These guidelines will be the criteria when choosing future recipients for the Barbara Williams Perpetual Trophy. The Chair of the Sunshine Committee shall select three (3) general members whose responsibility will be to decide on the recipient for the current year. Each of the three members may nominate a person and decide on the recipient for that year based on but not limited to:

  • 1.       Volunteerism on behalf of the club in the furtherance of an event or events sponsored by the club
  • 2.        Donations to the club in the form of time, labor and effort to make the club a success.

If there is not a recipient selected, no award will be given that year.

The annual recipient will be presented with the perpetual trophy with their name and year inscribed on the trophy at the Annual Membership Meeting/Holiday Party. The perpetual trophy will be held in possession of the recipient for one year, then relinquished to the Club for the next recipient. In addition, each recipient will receive a small plaque that they may keep. It will be the recipient’s responsibility to ensure the care and safety of the trophy and to return the trophy to the Club in a condition to allow its continuing presentations.

This policy is effective December 6, 2015.

P.O. Box 1966 Suisun City, CA, 94585P.O. Box 1966 Suisun City, CA, 94585