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Introducing the MRC Training Blog and our blogger John Schulte

The Marin Retriever Club has asked Dr. John Schulte to write a Training Blog for this website. We also asked him to introduce himself. So here’s Johnny. My interest in retrievers began in 1953 when I was taken by an older gentleman to his duck club in Los Banos. [...]

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2-The Sit Command

I don’t know why people spend so much time naming their new pup.  For the first 4 months of the dog’s life he will think his name is “No”.  Every time he really starts to enjoy himself, his owner will shout out his new name “NO!” No simply means [...]

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3-The Heel Command

In our last column we covered the first command “Sit”.  We seamlessly covered 2 other commands on the bottom rung of our training pyramid.  The first was “Sit” at a distance.  You first want the dog to sit fairly close to you and then over time, to be able [...]

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4-“Here” – “Heel” Command

“Jessie” is about to learn the next command which is “Here”.  After all it is difficult to train a dog if they are 200 yards away from you.  This command can be a life saver.  A vicious dog may be loose or cars may be coming towards you at [...]

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“Jessie” has completed the bottom tier of the Training Pyramid.  She has been taught “Sit”, “Sit at a Distance”, “Whistle Sit”, “Heel”, “Here”, “Here – Heel”, “Kennel” and using the “Kennel” command to facilitate housebreaking.  She knows each one of these commands perfectly.  If she relapses, we go back, [...]

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  1. member January 21, 2018 at 6:30 pm

    John, This looks GREAT!!!! Can’t wait to read more – well done and thank you!

  2. member January 22, 2018 at 2:38 pm

    Thank you Bob for all your hard work to create this website

  3. member March 26, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    Ummm, at our last training day on March 25th, I found a nice pair of gloves in a pocket of my chair. Even though, as I slipped my hands into them, I could feel the smartness that once expelled from them. It was the handling expertise that I could feel. So I’m thinking that the next person that donates for a merchandise sweatshirt, I would pass along the ability to wear them for a day! It’s like a halo, that just hangs over one’s self, while wearing! So if you’re looking for that perfect right or left back. Ummm these gloves might do the trick! Happy Training from your Merchandise coordinator! See you at the Big Grey Dodge, during the next Marin Hunt Test in Corning. Cash, Checks, or credit cards are accepted

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