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2021 MRC Perpetual Challenge Trophy Winner

And the 2021 winner is Chris Hempel with Dylan Our 2021 winner is Chris Hempel who campaigned her 4 year old Golden Retriever Dylan to 8 Master passes, a field trial JAM, as well as [...]

AKC Establishes a Master Amateur Hunter Title

The AKC has recently approved a Master Amateur Hunter Title which will appear in the next printing of the Regulations & Guidelines for AKC Hunting Tests for Retrievers. Laura reports "This is AWESOME for an [...]

MNRC Foundation announces Humanitarian Sportsman Recognition

The Master National Retriever Foundation announces a new Humanitarian Sportsman Recognition award for individuals or groups within the Retriever Hunting Test (RHT) Sport that participate in the Master National Retriever Hunting Test program and provide [...]

Can your dog food cause heart disease in your dogs?

The US Food and Drug Administration is investigating the link between certain pet foods, many labeled as "grain-free,"  and canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers, breeds not disposed to DCM, began being [...]

History of and how to enter a Hunt Test

Not that many years ago, the Club Secretaries job for putting on a Hunt Test was incredibly difficult. All the entries were received via what is now called “snail mail” mail. Oftentimes special deliveries [...]

MRC Perpetual Challenge Trophy

The Marin Retriever Club is proud to offer a new perpetual trophy for its members. This trophy will be presented annually at the Holiday party to the current MRC member who has accumulated the [...]

AKC Scratch Policy Revision

From Bill Daley through Laura Judd “The following is information in regard to the new AKC scratch policy adopted by the Office of Performance Events which I have discussed with some of you.  Others [...]

2017 Board Celebrates the End of the Year

The 2017 Board celebrates at the Annual Holiday Party. Left to Right Frances Treasurer, Chris Hempel Director at Large, Bob Lutolf Director at Large and Pat Romeiro President

Your dog is dying of congestive heart failure

“Your dog is dying of congestive heart failure”.  I have had to say this to too many clients.  There are several causes of congestive heart failure (CHF) but one now appears to be preventable.  [...]


This communication is to inform your club of a recent change to the Field Trial Rules and Standard Procedures for Retrievers.  This change originated from the Retriever Field Trial Advisory Committee and was approved by [...]

Important Announcement

Please make a note of these changes, as this will affect next week's opening day and times and then all Limited Master Hunting Test opening day and times going forward. The recent AKC Retriever [...]

All Clubs Licensed to Hold Retriever Hunting Tests

   NOTE TIME SENSITIVE INFORMATION This communication is to inform your club that there have been four changes to the Retriever Hunting Test Regulations. (1) The event opening time will be determined by the time [...]


Retriever Hunting Tests – Three Recommendations The Board VOTED to approve changes (changes are underlined) to Chapter 1, Section 3, and Chapter 3, Section 2, of the Retriever Hunting Test Regulations to: (1) allow clubs, [...]

1st Ever Good Sportsman Award

Frances Harvey left was presented with the 1st Barbara Williams Good sportsman award which includes a personal perpetual trophy.

Retriever Field Trial Qualified All-Age 2 Title (QA2)

To: All Clubs Licensed to Hold Retriever Field Trials Subject: Retriever Field Trial Qualified All-Age 2 Title (QA2) The AKC Performance Events Department is pleased to announce a new Retriever Field Trial title called the [...]

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