Marin Retriever Club (MRC) is a multi-purpose retriever club.

Membership is open to people interested in any AKC registered retriever breed, hunting, training, and participating in Hunt Tests and or Field Trials. Club membership includes trainers and handlers of all experience levels.

The MRC is a “Working” club.  Each member is expected to participate in an event during the calendar year at club functions, i.e. training days, hunt tests, fund raisers, etc.

It is advisable that all members read MRC By-Laws that are located on MRC’s web site.

The Marin Retriever Club general membership meetings are usually held at the scheduled Club training days. The specific dates, times and locations of the training days and other club events are published on the club’s web site. (

NOTE: People applying for membership must complete the Membership Application Form below.  Please note this is  a two-step process.  When the MRC Board approves your application you will be notified and provided with a link to our payment process. The membership is not valid until payment is received.

To pay by check send to Marin Retriever Club, PO Box 1966, Suisun City, CA 94585

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