August 13, 2022 all-day
CRTA Denverton property
3836 Denverton Road
Suisun City


Let's get together on Saturday AUGUST 13th, 2022, at the Denverton Property and let our dogs have FUN!

The only rule will be no training! We'll do a bumper toss for the owners....super singles for the dogs.....or other fun, possibly timed events that we can just hang out for the day and have a good time with our dogs! Bring some singles ($1 dollar bills)- if we do a timed retrieve the entry might be a dollar - and it'll be split between the top 3 dogs in each category....(Of course if you don't like your time you can run again!- for another dollar......)

Bring your pop ups if you have them and your favorite dish to share! MRC will provide drinks and paper goods.

No birds will be used today....just bumpers and maybe dokkens....

Meet at Denverton at about 8:30-9 for setup. We'll be at the T9 pond. If you are not a CRTA member there will be a volunteer at the gate to direct you. There will be something for all ages to do! Pups to old timers!

RSVP to tinstarlabs@comcast.net