“Jessie” is now a finished retriever.  She has completed all step in the Training Pyramid and she now doing complex marks and blinds.  These are some examples of what she can do.

This is a check down drill.

Next are several examples of Poison Bird Tests.

Several things to remember when you train.  Have fun and make it fun for your dog.  This not about life or death, this is our hobby.  Surround yourself with people who share your passion and program.  Don’t jump from one program to another.  “Jessie” and I are just driving home from the Master National Hunt Test where she qualified.  We are on are way to the National Amateur Field Trial.  I have to pull over now because “Jessie” has seen a McDonald’s ahead and if I don’t stop and give her a hamburger patty, no salt, she will bite me on the leg.

Happy Training

John Schulte