join_buttonMembership is open to all persons with an interest in promoting field training and events with their Retrievers. Members participate and help each other at training days; attend Club functions and events; contact each other and train together; and promote general good sportsmenship. New members are encouraged to contact us and attend our events! All new applications will be voted upon at the following general meeting after receipt of application.

In addition, the Club holds an Annual Christmas party during which time Officers are elected for the upcoming year.

The 2010 Board of Directors had been directed by the membership that this Club is to be a "Working Club". All members are encouraged and expected to participate in some of the events sponsored by the Club. The By-Laws were revised in December 2016 (last revision prior to that was 2009) to reflect the current needs of the members. The revisions are posted on this site. Members are encouraged to review them periodically.

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