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9 08, 2017

Bayside Faded Blues MH – “Levi”

2018-11-17T17:05:22-07:00Wednesday, August 9, 2017|Comments Off on Bayside Faded Blues MH – “Levi”

Bayside Faded Blues MH  - "Levi"  got his Master Title and is now qualified for the Master National 2017 in Texas. His owners John and Sylvia Adams are very proud of him! Thanks to Debra Ziegler his handler for getting him there.

29 06, 2017

Your dog is dying of congestive heart failure

2018-04-03T18:30:45-07:00Thursday, June 29, 2017|Comments Off on Your dog is dying of congestive heart failure

“Your dog is dying of congestive heart failure”.  I have had to say this to too many clients.  There are several causes of congestive heart failure (CHF) but one now appears to be preventable.  The one we will discuss is due to a deficiency of taurine.  Proteins are comprised of amino acids, some essential, that is the body cannot manufacture them, others are non essential and the body can manufacture them from precursors. Taurine is a non essential amino acid therefore dog food manufactures do not add it to their product.  There are factors that can interfere with the absorption [...]

18 05, 2017


2018-01-15T13:03:02-07:00Thursday, May 18, 2017|Comments Off on HONORING IN RETRIEVER FIELD TRIALS

This communication is to inform your club of a recent change to the Field Trial Rules and Standard Procedures for Retrievers.  This change originated from the Retriever Field Trial Advisory Committee and was approved by the Performance Events Department and the AKC Board of Directors.

Effective with stakes held on or after June 1, 2017, in at least one test involving the retrieve of a marked fall in all stakes, except Derby, every dog shall be kept on line off leash while another dog works.  The word “should” has been changed to “shall,” clarifying that honoring is a required element of [...]

5 05, 2017


2018-11-17T17:05:34-07:00Friday, May 5, 2017|Comments Off on NACHUSA TOPWATER CHRISTMAS SH

Earned her Senior Hunter Title at the Marin Retriever Club 2017 Spring Hunt test.  She is an eager little girl who loves to handle. Passing her 4th test under our own Maggie Langhorn and Mike Jepson on Saturday, she passed a 5th test, just for fun, on Sunday.  We thank training partners:  Carol Snodgrass, Greg Bingham, Cheryl Baca, and Scott Desy and all the others that helped along the way. Now on to our next adventure.

9 03, 2017

Littermates Pi and Punch

2018-11-17T17:05:48-07:00Thursday, March 9, 2017|Comments Off on Littermates Pi and Punch

Ed and Punch – first place Started Hunt Test division of the CRTA single series – Emberain Red Rum Punch JH AX AXJ XF WC. Roy and Pi – first place Hunt Test division of the CRTA single series – Emberain 3.14 SH

5 03, 2017

New Master Hunter

2018-11-17T17:06:03-07:00Sunday, March 5, 2017|Comments Off on New Master Hunter

I'm so proud of my boy Aqueus White Tie And Tails aka "Tux" for passing a very meaty 5th Master Hunter test earning his MH title at the Copper State Hunt Test in Arlington, AZ on Feb 10, 2017. It was a double header and we Qualified again on Feb 12th. Tux is from Danika Bannasch's 1st Litter of 'Pint & Taiga' both Master Hunters. Judges Steve Steven's and Bill Winskowski got him all excited for this photo shoot. Thank you Danika for my little dynamo - besides being cute as a bug, he's a joy to [...]

3 03, 2017

Hunt Club Clayview Whatcha Been Doing’?

2018-11-17T17:06:29-07:00Friday, March 3, 2017|Comments Off on Hunt Club Clayview Whatcha Been Doing’?

JH aka "Ben" was awarded third place award in the Super Singles Hosted by Hills Ferry Retriever Club in August. Events consisted of two very difficult land makrs and water marks. WAY TO GO BEN AND KATHY!

3 03, 2017

Levi first Master Hunt Test Oct 2016

2018-11-17T17:06:57-07:00Friday, March 3, 2017|Comments Off on Levi first Master Hunt Test Oct 2016

At the end of October Bayside Faded Blue SH "Levi" went to the GRC of Greater Los Angles for his first Master Hunt Test and earned his first Master leg! We are very excited and proud of him. To add frosting to the cake Levi went with two littermates Bayside Blue Candy CDJH "Teaser" and Bayside Rhythm and Blue "Otis" who both earned their Senior Hunter Titles. It was a terrific weekend. Owned by John & Sylvia Adams and handled by Debra Ziegler

3 03, 2017

Pacific Expresso Riley MH QA2, owned by Mike and Carol O’Bannon

2018-11-17T17:07:11-07:00Friday, March 3, 2017|Comments Off on Pacific Expresso Riley MH QA2, owned by Mike and Carol O’Bannon

received a qualifying score at the 2016 Master National.  This is Riley’s second qualification.  He also qualified in 2014. Additionally, Mike and Carol’s other dog, Sierra Expresso Jack MH52, retired at this years Master National.  While Jack did not qualify at this years event it was the eighth straight year he had qualified for the Master National and the seventh straight year he went to the event.  Jack qualified twice, in 2010 and 2014.  A total homer, both qualifications were at Corning! A pretty nice career and a well deserved retirement.