AKC Scratch Policy Revision

//AKC Scratch Policy Revision

AKC Scratch Policy Revision

From Bill Daley through Laura Judd

“The following is information in regard to the new AKC scratch policy adopted by the Office of Performance Events which I have discussed with some of you.  Others are copied as if you are unaware of the change it should be of interest.

The change was brought to my attention by Robin Gulvin who had learned it from Julie Cole our West Coast Member of the AKC Retriever Advisory Committee who was present at this years meeting of the RAC that was held in conjunction with the recent National Retriever Clubs Championship Stake where the rule change was discussed.

The current issue of the Retriever News explains the rule change, January issue, page 42, "Retriever Advisory Committee Report".

A summary of that report in the Retriever News is as follows:

The issue is involved with the compliance to the AKC Ruling on Scratches and that the rule was written long before the utilization of electronic entry services and credit card payments.

The rule calls for "a full refund for bitches in season, injured and death of a dog"  Complication comes when the credit card company charges  a service charge for the use of that service.  So at the time of that scratch the services have been performed and charged for.  To try to remedy this situation the  AKC Office of Performance Events has approved of the separation of a modest change which is reasonably representative of the actual cost to be advertised as such in the  premium, with the schedule of fees.

The fee must be identified in this fashion and must be representative of the real cost (example $5) It would be listed as Open $85, processing fee $5 rather than Open entry fee $90.

Robin stated that Julie thought it important to identify what the fee is, to state in the Premium "Credit Card Fee" and not just service fee, etc.  Our Field Trial Secretary Charlene Koeth has stated that currently the credit card fee passed on by Entry Express is a % of the entry paid and that it is approximately $5 per entry.

In the Southern California Retriever Club's  Express Event March 9, 10 & 11 Spring Field Trial Premium I have continued to list in the Event Information that the entry fee as $90 but have explained in the scratch policy that the actual entry fee is $85 per dog entered and the credit card fee is $5 for a total cost of $90 per entry.

I have further explained that for the various reasons of scratches (they are each explained) that the Actual Entry Fee or a portion of the Actual Entry fee will be refunded but the Credit Card Fee and the Fee Charged by Entry Express will not be refunded.  I also state that the policy has been approved by the AKC Office of Performance Events.

Written by Bill Daley

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